Breakthrough and continuous improvement is complex and challenging. Both leadership and frontline employees must have the will to transform and ideas for change. The tough work of developing change ideas that produce results requires thoughtful planning and execution.

TrueSimple views all work through four lenses first framed by Dr. W. Edwards Deming: systems thinking, an understanding of measurement and variation, the theory of knowledge, and the role of psychology specific to human nature and change.

We use a process facilitation approach to support leaders and organizations. Effective and sustainable improvements result from clients who own the work, actively define their aims, and do the changes believed to result in the outcome. We provide expertise in the process of improvement and advise leaders and teams through the improvement journey from chartering the work to spreading the results.

Common objectives of our work include defining ambitious aims, developing change ideas, creating a measurement strategy for learning, and detailing a plan for execution. Change ideas are explored through rapid cycle testing. Clients drive and do the work of building capacity, deep understanding, and commitment to the outcome and the process of improvement.

Sample Advising Clients

  • Institute for Healthcare Improvement
  • National Health Service – Southwest Strategic Health Authority
  • Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
  • Catholic Health Partners
  • Mission Health System
  • IHI Impacting Cost & Quality
  • American Medical Response
  • Coalition of Advanced Emergency Medical Systems
  • Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority
  • Mecklenburg EMS Agency
  • ESO Solutions
  • Professional Ambulance